Original singer of Python lee Jackson.

Frank and I were friends from around '59 to 'forever. We hung around Ealing and London, had many adventures.
Frank formed the band Unit4, played round west London.
I was playing with Frankie Reid round the same time. Then I joined Ashton Gardner and Dyke after recording "Resurrection Shuffle".
Touring UK, Europe and the US. Then Frank went to Australia and
I followed in "65. We reformed 'Unit 4' which we continued in Australia with new members.
That band folded. Frank formed 'Python lee Jackson' and we worked till about '67 when he got deported back to the UK.
Python lee Jackson continued in Australia with new singer Mal MGee. Then '68 went back to London with
Dave Bentley doing vocals. We did 3 recordings with Rod Stewart singing Bentley's composition.
We parted ways, but I was living with Frank and Marylin and their daughter Daisy in Fulham road.
Eventually I moved back to Australia in '74...
been there ever since. Lots of other stuff was going on in them days at the same time,,,
too much to go into.. I played in many bands and had an adventurous life you might say.
Frank and his dad were super nice.
His mom, well, she kinda just put up with me. Spent a ton of time at their place,
especially during Christmas. Frank's dad, Reg, bought him guitars and suits,
which Frank always shared.
We'd hit up Jamaican clubs in East London where the music and atmosphere was great fun.
We'd start walking back to West London around 3 in the morning. I remember getting as far as Chiswick
then Frank would call his dad.
He would show up in his PJs, driving this Daimler Dart, and give us a lift home.
And We'd cook up eggs and baked beans for breakfast.
I last saw Frank and Roxy was when I was doing a gig with the Casuals, He was in front of me cracking amyl nitrate
under my nose while I was trying to get on with a guitar solo.
Frank later went to USA were he met HollywoodJoe. Here are some clips, Frank playing with "The Hooligans"
and Hollywood Joe at Graceland.
I still miss Frank, he was a treasure.


Tara Daisy Kennington lived with both her parents during her early years, but they eventually separated.
She resided with her mother, who struggled with sadness and alcohol. One day, at the age of 7,
Tara discovered her mother lifeless on the floor outside their bedroom.
In distress, she rushed barefoot to a friend's house to seek help. Her father,
along with Roxy, arrived later, and Tara spent the night with him in her mother's flat.
Subsequently, she lived with him for a while, but the police frequently visited,
searching the flat due to his aversion to them. On one occasion, without his keys,
a violent encounter with the police ensued while Tara was present, leaving her traumatized.
Following these events, she was sent to Greece with Roxy. Upon her return at the age of 7,
Tara went to live with her grandparents in Ealing.
Despite her yearning for her father's presence, his sporadic visits were mainly motivated by
financial needs. Tara remained unaware of Roxy's fate, except for the knowledge that they went to New York.
Eventually, her father described Roxy negatively, stating that she was a "bitch," and he relocated to
Los Angeles, periodically traveling back and forth.



John Webber,Frank Kennington, Sleepy John, Roger Homan, Mick Liber.

Unit4 in Australia. 1965