Some Bands what played in.


Frank Kennington, Mick Liber and many other musicians passing through.
London,UK and Australia.

Frankie Reid and the Casuals (UK)

Mick Liber played lead guitar with these guys. A 'Rockabilly' band from west London who lasted for about 30 years.
Many musicians played at one time or another. Including Superstar Superstar..Dana Gillespie.
And Max Merrit,Stewie Speer,Carlo Little and Mitch Mitchel on drums.Dave Mcrae piano (ex Buddy Rich).

The Denvermen.

A pub band, recorded a single with Frank Kennington on vocals. “I can tell” and “Time will bring you everything”

Ashton, Gardner and Dyke

(UK): Liber played lead guitar on three albums. Did 2 tours of the USA and many tours round the UK and Europe. Played many stadiums and clubs including Montreaux Jazz festival, Ronnie Scotts, Filmore west, Top of the Pops, Beat Club in Germany etc etc.

Resurection Suffle...VIDEO

Dana Gillespie

"Co wrote with Dana "Weren't Born a Man",lead guitar with Bobby Keys on sax"
"Hold on to Your Fire," Penned by David Bentley. Released on the Mooncrest label.
Liber played lead guitar on both of these singles under the name Libido..

Weren't Born a Man...VIDEO

Python Lee Jackson (with Rod Stewart, UK)

Liber played lead guitar on the tracks "In a Broken Dream,”Cloud Nine"and “The Blues”. This band formed in Australia. Original singer Frank Kennington then Mal Mcgee on vocals. David Bentley on Keyboards, David Montgomery drummer. And many different bass players.

Third World War

(1st album, UK a punk album which was prepunk.): Liber played lead guitar, with Bobby Keys and Jim Price ex Delaney and Bonnie, Rolling Stones and Dereck and the Dominoes.

Bobby Bright

Liber played with Bobby Bright and Angelika Bass

Bobby Bright had a well known duo with Laurie Allen. They split up and Joined Angelika and Mick to form the original Rocket Pilots.


Liber played with this band in New Zealand, and they released multiple albums together. They toured
New Zealand twice in the mid seventies. Personnel included Gruno Laurence, Bernie Mgann on tenor sax and Geoph Murphey on trumpet and vocals.
Murphey later went to Hollywood to direct movies.
Actors doing comedy sketches. Martyn Sanderson, Ian Watkin and Tony Barry.

Billy Thorpe

At the Whisky in Kings Cross, Sydney. 6 month stint before going back to London.

Hit and Run.

With Danny Robinson, Ed Matzenik and Rod Coe. Played at the Rex Hotel, Kings Cross Sydney


Slim Dusty

I track on album, possibly his 99th): Liber played on this album along with Rod Coe, bass and also the producer of most of Slim's records..

Crystal Voyager

(album of surfing songs and movie soundtrack.): Liber played on this album. A studio band formed by G. Wayne Thomas singer, producer and writer. Later
remained at EMI studios to make jingles and albums for other artists.

Jon English

("It's All a Game" album): Liber played on this album, with NZ drummer Bruno Lawrence.

Doug Parkinson

Band with Rod Coe, bass and Bruno Lawrence, drums.

Shona Lang

(album, NZ): Liber played on Lang's album, With Bruno Lawrence and Rod Coe.

The Madcats

Liber played with this band along with Angelika Bass and popular vocalist and guitar player John Green. Formed after the Rocket Pilots.Later to become Hank Henderson and the drifting Rocket Pilots

Wendy Saddington

duo. Played at Oddy's coffee bar for about 6 months. with Angelika bass, Des Mcenna, Rose Bygraves and Harvey from Chile on Conga.

Slaves of Sin

Wendy Saddington, vocals. Des Mckenna,drums. Mick Liber, guitar. Angelika Bass.
Harvey, congas. Rose Bygraves, Keyboard.
played Melbourne and round Victoria.

Hank Henderson and the Drifting Rocket Pilots.

With John Green and Angelika Bass. Played at the Pismo Bar mainly. and featuring
the great Bernie McGann on alto sax.

Marty Burke's Resonators

Liber played with this band featuring Marty Burke on vocals and stunning lead guitar.
A pub band based in Newcastle NSW, Also did a tour of NSW east coast.

Dirt Road Cowgirls

A trio with Angelika Bass and Ardre Brand doing vocals.

Some Bands what did not play with.