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Rocket Pilot

Python Lee Jackson original band.

Python Lee Jackson with Rod Stewart and Mick Liber lead guitar..

Manning River.



My old boat

Duane Eddy, he's a Hero .. song sung by mick liber

Born in Peebles, Scotland in 1944 to Polish parents.
Mick Liber is a seasoned lead guitarist.
He started his music career playing in various bands and studios around London.
Toured UK, Europe, and the USA, before eventually settling in NSW, Australia.
On arriving back in the UK from Australia 1968, he signed up with BBC DJ John Peel
which led to the Python lee Jackson tapes. Also he joined the Ashton,Gardner and Dyke band
recording "Ressurection Shuffle" which became an international hit record. Their
managment also included Deep Purple, which lead both bands to tour Europe and the UK.
Throughout the '60s and '70s, Mick Liber established himself as a reputable lead guitarist,
and this guide will showcase some of his best work from that era. Additionally,
the guide will include some of his more recent recordings that he produced at home a few years ago.
One of Mick's notable achievements was playing lead guitar on the original release of
Rod Stewart's hit song "In a Broken Dream." This song has since become a classic and cemented
Mick's status as an accomplished lead guitarist.
Also two more tracks with Rod on vocals "Cloud Nine" and "The Blues"
Overall, Mick Liber's contribution to the music industry, both in
the past and present, is significant, and this guide will serve as a tribute to his talent.

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